This blog is really a collection of thoughts tracking books, discussions, and theological reflection and engagement on various topics.  In sharing these writings I do not claim to have arrived at all of the answers or even to have written cohesively throughout my work.  Some of the work reflects my frustration at points or questions or wrestling. At other times, I think there’s something important to be said. This is my effort to engage in some of the conversations happening within Christianity, as well as, a place to give voice to those areas that I am particularly passionate about.  As such, this is intended as a dialogue or conversation about many themes within the Christian faith.

My passion for writing and study has several hopeful outcomes.  First, it is my hope that I come to understand who God is in a fuller light by wrestling with the various issues that are presented.  Secondly, theology is not always looked upon as a kindly friend to faith.  But, we all practice theology in some way and live out of that theology in practical ways, whether we are aware of that or not.  As such, good theology is not only important, it’s necessary.  Finally, I think theology happens within the Church and that the Church is vitally important for living out its convictions faithfully and intentionally.  For this reason, I might be considered a practical theologian.  Whatever “label” I might receive, I do think that the witness of the Church to God’s reign must ultimately inform how we engage the world.  In this regard, I hope that some of this work allows creative imagination and serious engagement on a host of topics concerning what Christian faith and the life entails.

4 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Good research on John Wesley. Thanks for sharing. If more folks would spend their time on topics such as this, our world would be more in line with God’s will. Thy will be done!!!


  2. Based on your excellent review of Under the Unpredictable Plant I have bookmarked your blog. You write intelligently and beautifully. (I am a Presbyterian MDIv student about to graduate and thus reflecting on what it is to be a pastor.)


    1. Thank you, Susan. I appreciate the kind words. I hope your studies finish up well and that pastoral life is a blessing (even if sometimes a blessing in disguise). Which seminary are you attending?


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