“While earth repeats the joyful song:” The Thread of Love – I God

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Book and Article Reviews

My friend, Jonathan Platter, wrote a nice piece reflecting on God’s being is love, not simply an attribute of God.

Explorations in Theology

We are shaped by our loves. As James K A Smith has recently put it, “You are what you love.” As we can see from sporting events, our passion and love shapes our habits (gotta set aside time for game night), behavior (if you wereareal fan you would dox,y, andz), appearance (team jerseys or logos), and values (team-building, competitiveness, loyalty, etc). However, we often don’t see just how influential our loves are on our whole life because we think of love as a feeling or as specific actions. So when Jesus says “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44), it’s easy to assume that he just wants us to try to have nicer feelings toward them. Or when we think of loving one’s spouse, it usually entails anemotion as well as some actions,likedoing things your spouse appreciates.

Christian Scripture recognizes that love has an…

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