Why We Don’t Have Children’s Church Anymore

I have been thinking about discipleship, community, cultural liturgies, and spiritual formation. How do we hand down the faith to the next generation while allowing them to contribute to the life of that congregation in meaningful ways? Here is an article about something I have been considering as we try to become more intergenerational and relational in our approach to discipleship: https://breakingnewbread.wordpress.com/2014/10/29/why-we-dont-have-childrens-church-anymore/

New Bread


I’ve had a couple conversations with parents over the past weeks about children’s church and its demise. I’ve heard a a few different things. “It ended because we didn’t have volunteers.” “We stopped coming because we can’t have our children in worship.” “When are we going to offer that again? Having my children in worship is so hard.”

Parents of Young Children, I feel your pain. But I promise, I am not trying to torture you by asking you to bring your little ones into worship. And I am right there with you. I have three children. Two are still nursery age (a baby and a two-year old) but my six year old worships beside me for the whole service. We also attend church twice a Sunday – in the morning where I serve and in our home denomination, the Mennonite church, in the evening. In the evening all three of…

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