“The Desert and the Kingdom” by Dylon Brown

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Book and Article Reviews, Theology and Faith
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This is a recent blog post from a friend of mine.  He does an excellent job of pointing out the significance of Lent and how it can re-shape us to be more like Christ, if we let it.

Bel and the Dragon

The sun was beating down hard, and there was no shade, no protection from the 100 degree heat.  It was a hot Kansas City afternoon, and my wife Sam and I were stranded in the parking lot of the Kansas City Airport.  My car wasn’t broken down, I wasn’t lost…I had just lost my car.  Sam and I had just gotten back from a week-long trip to California to spend time with friends.  As we were getting on the parking lot bus a week earlier to leave, we had suddenly remembered that we needed to mark down where we had parked.  We got out our phones and texted ourselves the lot number as the bus pulled out, bringing us to our flight.  Well, there we were, a week later, and no car.  I had already been searching for over an hour.

I was beginning to suspect foul play.

Someone must…

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