The Song of Albion by Stephen Lawhead

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Book and Article Reviews, Fun Reading
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The Song of Albion is a trilogy that weaves Celtic mythology throughout its pages.  I read these three books in a little less than a week.  It is a wonderful story about two friends that find themselves transported to another world: Albion.  Albion is a reflection of the real world.  But, although it may be a reflection or a shadow of the real world, it is no less real.  In fact, both worlds-realms are connected and dependent upon each other.  As the endless knot between both worlds begins to unravel, the question remains whether or not it will be saved.  Good and evil are in a deadlock fight.  Valor and justice tangle against exploitation and greed.  It is an all too familiar picture that we face in our world.  I would highly recommend these books for a fun read and some interesting thoughts to mull over.


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